Defining Edward

Feature Film

Meet Edward Cobb, a depressed, pill popping X-rated cartoonist with no girlfriend, no money and little in life to look forward to. When an allergic reaction lands him in the hospital, Edward wanders confused, out into a now unfamiliar world only to collapse again in the middle of nowhere.

Suffering from amnesia, Edward finds himself attended to by Brian, a doctor who believes he can restore Edward’s memory. As pieces of his past slowly return, Edward is introduced to the other inhabitants of the house, Anna, a fragile, introverted artist, and Nick, a foul mouthed, beer and whiskey fueled welder.

Divisions appear as the residents of the house take different vastly different approaches to assist Edward in his struggle to regain his identity. What began as the kindness of strangers, turns into a twisted game of self-preservation, as one man fights to unlock the truth about his own troubled past.