Feature Film

John Cheng is the solitary owner of J.C. Electronics Repair, an old school fix-it shop on a forgotten street on the edge downtown Vancouver.  At 52, the divorced Cheng maintains his ailing heart with tea and meditation, as he struggles with the death of his daughter, Grace, at the hands of a mysterious serial murderer nearly ten years ago.

From a customer’s salvaged hard drive, Cheng stumbles upon pornographic fetish images of Grace, which allude to the method of her torturous death.  Inspired by a new friendship with Ingrid, a waitress at the run down neighbourhood diner and a renewed alliance with ex-cop Clay Forester, Cheng jumpstarts his own investigation into finally solving the murder of his daughter. His obsessive search quickly draws him into the seedy world of adult modeling, Asian crime and police corruption.

As Cheng travels a road of escalating violence, he is forced to face his own guilt, and ultimately, challenge his once firm belief in the cyclical nature of yin and yang, the opposing forces of change in the universe.  To restore balance, Cheng must summon the strength for one last repair job.  This time not simply as a man, but an instrument crafted to uncover the truth and sharpened to extract vengeance on those responsible for the death of his only child.  No matter what the price.