Skills Completed

Itʼs Kateʼs wedding day. As she excitedly does her final preparations before walking down the isle, she is visited by Rachel. They havenʼt seen each other in ten years, not since the accident. Rachel is there to wish Kate well on her special day, but ultimately, the conversation becomes about the dreaded day the accident happened and how their lives […]

Short Film After a particularly long and exhausting workday, James returns home only to find his wife, Marie-Claire, cool toward him and engrossed in an intimidating book. Though obviously enamored with one another, they remain cautiously in their interaction, each struggling to maintain the upper hand, yet never saying what they truly mean. Navigating through fits of false bravado and […]

Short Film As his marriage crumbles, the Narrator, inspired by his estranged wife, delves into the motivational teachings of self-help author and spiritual guide, Dr. Edgar O. Laird. The taping of Laird’s latest promotional video gives the Narrator a rare opportunity to experience the Doctor’s lessons up close and personal, and more importantly, to find a new outlook on life […]

Short Film An unapologetic re-examination of one bad night that unfolds as our Narrator walks alone down a deserted city street, is threatened by drunks and called upon to question his own sexuality.  As the night wears on and becomes day, he is forced to consider the consequences of his seemingly poor choices, as well as alternate courses of action, […]

Feature Film Meet Edward Cobb, a depressed, pill popping X-rated cartoonist with no girlfriend, no money and little in life to look forward to. When an allergic reaction lands him in the hospital, Edward wanders confused, out into a now unfamiliar world only to collapse again in the middle of nowhere. Suffering from amnesia, Edward finds himself attended to by […]

Short Film In 16th century feudal Japan, a Ronin goes to see his Sensei after many lonely years as a warrior.  Returning the samurai armour he was given many years before, the Ronin is blinded by his desire for retribution, until the Sensei’s final lesson presents the Ronin with the opportunity for the life he has longed for.   Co-created […]

ClimaXXX: a love story

Short Film Producer Richard Vane and Writer/Director Peter Money are adult filmmakers, who after many years in the porn business have achieved only marginal success. A film crew spends a week with the pair, in their office, as they teeter on the brink of actually seeing their dream of a large format (Imax) adult film musical become reality.

Short Film An analysis of the thin line between reality and fiction within the world of no-budget filmmaking.  Co-created with Filmmaker Sandi Somers.

Short Film The music video for the first single release by vibrant and captivating singer-songwriter, Anita Athavale, from her 2007 release “In The Noise”.