The Harder I Fight – Now on TELUS Optik On Demand

enriquePoe Moving Pictures new documentary The Harder I Fight on is now available on Telus Optik TV! The Harder I Fight profiles four modern women whose lives have been shaped by the transformative pursuit of combat sport as they strive to better themselves and their communities.

On TELUS Optik TV, press the On Demand button on your remote, go to TV on Demand > Optik Local in the Documentary category as well as the Featured category.

The Harder I Fight features Sandra Bastian, Zenab Awan, Kelsey Andries and Geneviéve Morrison. The program was written and directed by Corey Lee. Produced by Corey Lee and Susan Bristow. Cinematography by Jarrett Craig. Edited by Ian Day. Original score by Alec Harrison. And produced with support from Telus.