REALIZATION is available worldwide! 4 episodes in total. Check it out and share!

An ambitious trailblazer starts a business that provides made-to-order relationships to fill gaps in people’s lives.

(MAY 14TH, 2019): The award-winning documentary short All the World’s a Stage is now available for streaming on a variety of platforms including YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook.  All the World’s a Stage showcases revolutionary theatre artists Joyce Doolittle, Grant Reddick and John Murrell. These trailblazers, who have laid the foundation for the renowned eclectic theatre scene that thrives in Alberta […]

Realization – In Production

Excited to announce the production of Realization, a digital series for TELUS Originals. Alex, an ambitious entrepreneur starts a unique company that lives in the ethical gray of modern society. With his star employee, Claire, Alex endeavours to grow the company, but the challenges of client demands, finding qualified staff and their own complicated relationship, force them to question the […]

Rare Mettle – The full 43 minute documentary film is now available on Vimeo! Rare Mettle is an inspiring portrait of four determined paralympians (Chad Jassman, Morgan Bird, Alister McQueen and Michelle Salt) who continue to strive for the podium and make their mark, not simply for glory, but to better understand who they are and what they have to […]