• 14 Nov 18

An ambitious trailblazer starts a business that provides made-to-order relationships to fill gaps in people’s lives. Watch all 4 episodes on YouTube now!    

A short film documentary portrait and homage to revolutionary theatre artists Joyce Doolittle, Grant Reddick and John Murrell. These trailblazers, who have laid the foundation for the renowned eclectic theatre scene that thrives in Alberta today, look back on how their experiences have shaped their lives. An Alberta Foundation for the Arts 25th Anniversary Commemorative Art Project. The award-winning documentary short is now […]

A documentary portrait of inspiring athletes who have pushed beyond their challenges to make their mark in the sporting world. Rare Mettle is about identity and audacity, but also about high level competition, the importance of sport and embracing new challenges. It is an inspiring look at four determined individuals who continue to strive for the podium, not simply for […]

Television Documentary Three strong, independent women, who have redefined themselves, not only as women who fight, but also as teachers, mentors and ambassadors of their sport, reflect on their odyssey. The Harder I Fight III features Carol Huynh, Erin Woodrow and Hidemi Uchiage and was produced with the generous support of TELUS. 

Television Documentary Series Six unique families offer a glimpse into their households to share engaging stories about their formation and reveal how they manage to thrive in today’s ever-changing world. Produced with support from Telus. Watch all six short documentaries now on YouTube. Click here for a link to all six Balancing Act episodes on the TELUS Optik Local YouTube […]

Television Documentary Mothers and daughters immersed in the transformative pursuit of combat sport explore how fighting has reshaped them and how their sport has changed for women over the course of a generation. Produced with support from Telus and now available on Telus Optik TV VOD. The Harder I Fight II features Alyssa Krahn, Sheena and Alexis Flamand, Vienna Malko-Monterrosa and Melinda and Jennifer Wiebe.

Television Documentary Four modern women whose lives have been shaped by the transformative pursuit of combat sport strive to better themselves and their communities. Produced with support from Telus and now available on Optik TV. The program features Sandra Bastian, Zenab Awan, Kelsey Andries and Geneviéve Morrison.

The National Film Board of Canada has released Legend of a Warrior for viewing free of charge on nfb.ca. Feature Documentary Film Frank Lee doesn’t just practise martial arts: for his many students and fans, Frank Lee is martial arts—a high-kicking dynamo whose style of full contact fighting has hurtled him into the very stratosphere of the profession. Frank is happy to play […]

First Response

An intimate exploration of the world of volunteer firefighters in rural communities in Canada, as a handful of men and women regularly abandon their families and jobs to answer calls that put themselves at risk time and again as first responders, regularly confronting human suffering and other horrors, even as they struggle to keep the stress of their volunteer duties […]


Television Series The inside story of three martial arts club ringleaders who pit their stables of determined fighters against each other in tests of strength, skill and will. It’s about fighting. It’s about business. It’s about family.