All Things Not Forgotten

Feature Film After being taken from her mother and failing to break away a decade before, Camilla finally escapes years of abuse disguised as the religious teachings of the Assembly of God cult, led by the charismatic deviant, Louis. Forced to take a life in self-defense, she runs from the law and the Assembly’s fixer, making her way to the […]

The official video for the original song by Anita Athavale, from her 2013 EP Begin Again. 

Dance Me

Short Film An intimate visual exploration of the original song by Anita Athavale, written for the feature documentary film Legend of a Warrior.  Watch on Vimeo.

Black Creek

Feature Film A gothic tale of crime, loss and obsession set in Southern Alberta during World War II. After the grisly discovery of a womanʼs remains, the case is assigned to Corporal Jakob Shepherd, a first generation Canadian from a Austro-Hungarian family, who chose a career in law enforcement rather than continue on the family farm. As his reticent wife […]

Short Film Danced to the music of The Lovebullies, this bittersweet story of memory and connection revolves around a burlesque dancer, Mnemosyne, who fulfills the intimate dreams of many in the cabaret.  In particular, three patrons, each wrestling with their own demons, are taken back to a time in their life that was transforming for them.  Co-created with Filmmaker Sandi […]

Itʼs Kateʼs wedding day. As she excitedly does her final preparations before walking down the isle, she is visited by Rachel. They havenʼt seen each other in ten years, not since the accident. Rachel is there to wish Kate well on her special day, but ultimately, the conversation becomes about the dreaded day the accident happened and how their lives […]

Rules of the Game

Web Series A former sports talk radio personality tries to juggle his new career as a voice director, his questionable collection of self-serving friends, and his serial monogamy lifestyle, as he forever mourns the loss of his one chance at true happiness.


Feature Film John Cheng is the solitary owner of J.C. Electronics Repair, an old school fix-it shop on a forgotten street on the edge downtown Vancouver.  At 52, the divorced Cheng maintains his ailing heart with tea and meditation, as he struggles with the death of his daughter, Grace, at the hands of a mysterious serial murderer nearly ten years […]

Short Film After a particularly long and exhausting workday, James returns home only to find his wife, Marie-Claire, cool toward him and engrossed in an intimidating book. Though obviously enamored with one another, they remain cautiously in their interaction, each struggling to maintain the upper hand, yet never saying what they truly mean. Navigating through fits of false bravado and […]

Short Film As his marriage crumbles, the Narrator, inspired by his estranged wife, delves into the motivational teachings of self-help author and spiritual guide, Dr. Edgar O. Laird. The taping of Laird’s latest promotional video gives the Narrator a rare opportunity to experience the Doctor’s lessons up close and personal, and more importantly, to find a new outlook on life […]