Skills In Development

First Response

An intimate exploration of the world of volunteer firefighters in rural communities in Canada, as a handful of men and women regularly abandon their families and jobs to answer calls that put themselves at risk time and again as first responders, regularly confronting human suffering and other horrors, even as they struggle to keep the stress of their volunteer duties […]


Television Series The inside story of three martial arts club ringleaders who pit their stables of determined fighters against each other in tests of strength, skill and will. It’s about fighting. It’s about business. It’s about family.

All Things Not Forgotten

Feature Film After being taken from her mother and failing to break away a decade before, Camilla finally escapes years of abuse disguised as the religious teachings of the Assembly of God cult, led by the charismatic deviant, Louis. Forced to take a life in self-defense, she runs from the law and the Assembly’s fixer, making her way to the […]

Black Creek

Feature Film A gothic tale of crime, loss and obsession set in Southern Alberta during World War II. After the grisly discovery of a womanʼs remains, the case is assigned to Corporal Jakob Shepherd, a first generation Canadian from a Austro-Hungarian family, who chose a career in law enforcement rather than continue on the family farm. As his reticent wife […]

Rules of the Game

Web Series A former sports talk radio personality tries to juggle his new career as a voice director, his questionable collection of self-serving friends, and his serial monogamy lifestyle, as he forever mourns the loss of his one chance at true happiness.


Feature Film John Cheng is the solitary owner of J.C. Electronics Repair, an old school fix-it shop on a forgotten street on the edge downtown Vancouver.  At 52, the divorced Cheng maintains his ailing heart with tea and meditation, as he struggles with the death of his daughter, Grace, at the hands of a mysterious serial murderer nearly ten years […]

Talk Show

Feature Film After a 20 year rift, struggling actor/comedian, Jack Letang, is invited to appear and break bread with his former comedy partner, Peter Vincent, on his ratings challenged live late night talk show.  But all bets are off when Jack takes the show and it’s audience hostage and turns the screw on those he blames for his downfall to […]

Lex Talionis

Short Film A man transformed by grief justifies his extreme actions to his estranged wife.

The Feeding

Feature Film A drifter haunted by the loss of his wife and child leads a band of disparate frontier townsfolk to save a deaf prostitute and her young son from a flesh-eating monster on the loose in a brothel during Chinese New Year.